Hi there, 
Great job finding my website! I'll keep this story about me short, the photo's are way more important. It doesn't come as a surprise that my name is Ebbe. Living in Breda, the Netherlands. Hopefully one day, I'm living in sunny southern Spain, but for now Breda is just fine. 
I describe myself as an 'reportage photographer' but I'm also very happy on the streets. When I started taking photo's I always thought that I wanted to be a nature photographer or architecture.  Well for me architecture photography is just too boring, and when I'm in the nature I'm to 'zen' for taking photo's. During my proces in developing in a photographer I figured out that, for me, one of the most important thing is a cool/interesting story. But the biggest mind blown was that I love to put humans in my photo's, or at least living creatures. Combining these two things makes me a very happy man. 
For me my best work is the serie 'home carers'. This series combines the two things - a great story and humans -  perfectly. It's about an elderly lady who suffers from dementia, but still lives in her own apartment at the age of 90. She lives in her own apartment because of the great care she gets. Home carers and caregivers come by every day to make sure she eats and have a little chitchat. Without all this, she wouldn't be able to live in het apartment, one of my grandmother biggest nightmare. 
Well this is enough talk. If you haven't looked at my photo's go check it out! Also follow me on Instagram and share your feedback with me!

Peace, Ebbe